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Our Mission

MayHawk Energy is an Oklahoma-owned mineral acquisition company that is currently buying in Oklahoma. We’ve been actively buying for over sixteen years and closing on over 1,000 transactions. Our success comes from treating mineral owners with respect and dignity, and helping them maximize the value of their mineral rights.

By using the latest innovations in technology for our economic models, our Acquisitions team — along with our Petroleum Engineer — can provide sellers with an in-depth analysis that helps them understand the true value associated with their minerals.

Selling minerals can be a confusing and difficult decision to make. Let our experienced team help by showing you the options available to you and your family in a clear and professional manner.

Our streamlined process is designed to monetize your assets, whether producing or not, thus allowing many owners to be paid within ten days.


How We Work

MayHawk Energy, LLC has been actively acquiring oil and gas assets in Oklahoma since 2007. By taking a long term, diversified approach, MayHawk Energy has been successful in building its asset base from over twenty counties in Oklahoma.

We evaluate over 100 potential mineral sales each month; some as small as 5 acres, others as large as 600 acres. MayHawk Energy’s experienced staff pride themselves on providing top quality service to mineral owners by evaluating minerals promptly and fairly and then offering a clean and simple closing process, often closing within two weeks.

When you call MayHawk Energy, you’ll be speaking to a professional staff that will treat you with respect. We know it’s not an easy decision to sell. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process. You’ll be glad you did.


Why Sell Minerals

A larger payout now

Receiving a large check now may allow you to pay off some credit card bills, pay medical expenses, help with college expenses or just build up your reserves or savings account. 

Remove the uncertainty

Minerals are like any other asset you own. The value associated with minerals changes almost daily based on a number of factors including oil prices, natural gas prices, government regulations, etc. 


It’s a depleting asset

Why wait until your checks begin to decline in value to find out if you could have gotten more for them now?

Close out an estate or trust

You may be receiving either small royalty checks or a large amount of mail that you’ve grown tired of, not to mention 

filing returns for an estate or trust that may need to be liquidated. Selling these minerals can simplify your life and eliminate the hassles associated with owning them.

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